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Your wedding is a new beginning.

I started my new beginning after marrying and moving to Huntsville, Alabama. Having studied photography in both high school and college, I was able to find a job in this field. For three years I worked as a photojournalistic wedding photographer for Farley Vaughn, one of Huntsville's premier wedding photographers. After 40 years, Farley closed his doors and left behind a legacy of caring professionalism and superior photography. I strive to one day leave such a legacy.

The wedding plans are done and the big day has arrived. Nervousness, excitement, laughter, tearfulness, fills the day. Through my photographs I strive to recreate all these emotions, by not only capturing the tradional moments of your day, but also focusing on the details that make your day unique. I enjoy letting my creativity overflow by adding an artistic touch to your wedding photographs, making them original works of art.

I love the fact that my job is never the same and that I have the opportunity to experience one of the most memorable days in a couple's and their family's lives. In the end, to watch a couple look through their wedding photographs and relive all the emotions of that magical day… I couldn't imagine doing anything else.